Whether you call it “Metaverse”…”Immersive Virtual World”… “XR” or something else – Finland can make it happen!

Did you know that Finland is capable of offering just about anything for this new wave of digitalization – ranging from deep tech to creative services?



Did you know that Finland is the first European country in which farsighted and comprehensive national metaverse initiative has been created by the metaverse ecosystem and Business Finland has got as its’ objective to develop Finland into leading enabler and architect for metaverse by 2035 as part of its Immersive Digital Life mission.


By 2035, Finland is globally the leading architect and enabler for Immersive Digital Life, which penetrates all aspects of human existence (industry, trade, social, leisure, etc.). 

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Our Story

 Finland is a forerunner in selected key enabling technologies that are necessary for delivering the immersive and virtual experiences. Finland together with its international partners has secured sufficient technological sovereignty. This is enabled by a versatile metaverse ecosystem.

 Finland has gained global leadership in selected business verticals (e.g. industrial metaverse, education, gaming). Finland is a forerunner globally in supporting architecture including standardization, regulation, cybersecurity, education, and test beds.

 Finnish companies have broadly adopted the new technologies into their processes in various industry verticals (manufacturing, education, health, construction, logistics, etc.).


Jani Vallirinne


Metaverse Strategy Kick-off Meeting