This is how we will achieve the 2035 Metaverse Vision, by implementing the following Metaverse in Action programs:






The Metaverse in Action (MIA) programs are supported by two vertical activities that cut across all domains:

All of the programs that focus on specific areas of application share two common MIA programs.
They are Technology Enablers and Business Networks, and they will last for more than 10 years.

Technology Enablers

This activity focuses on developing and standardizing the technical
infrastructure and platforms that enable the Metaverse. It includes aspects such as interoperability, scalability, security, privacy and accessibility.

Taking the initiative: For example Business Finland’s Enabling Technologies and Architectures for Immersive Experiences program, which is part of the Immersive Digital Life mission.

Business Networks

The aim of this activity is for Europe to build together with global partners an
autonomous metaverse ecosystem covering all main segments of the value chain. This is done to ensure technological autonomy in the new geopolitical context and that significant business value is created in Europe. It includes aspects such as innovation ecosystems, business ecosystems, joint offerings, value chains, business models, and regulations. Also as part of this activity we focus on creating, identifying, developing and supporting the business opportunities and networks that emerge from the Metaverse. 

Taking the initiative: For example Business Finland’s Immersive Digital Life mission and activities by large Finnish corporations.

*An overview of the main segments of the metaverse value chain and the Finnish companies and supporting organizations along the value chain.

In addition, there are three horizontal MIA programs that are focusing on more specific challenges in certain industries and the overall society:

Metaverse Industry

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the way we work and produce value. Metaverse Technologies can enable human-centric remote work and telework, teleoperation, digital twins and AI helpers, collaborative robotics and situational awareness. These can enhance productivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability in various sectors such as manufacturing, maintenance, construction, energy, transportation and agriculture. This program aims to support and accelerate the adoption of Metaverse Technologies in Finnish industries.

Taking the initiative: For example, VTT and large corporations also Robocoast EDIH and Metaverse Hackathons for industrial needs and innovation development.

Metaverse Health

  AR/VR/Metaverse technologies can offer new ways to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and increase access for everyone in Finland. For example, VR can be used for pain management, mental health treatment, rehabilitation and training. AR can be used for remote diagnosis, surgery guidance and patient education. This program aims to explore and implement new ways to use Metaverse Technologies in preventive health care, and in health care for everyone in Finland.

The Metaverse, as a digital frontier, holds immense potential to be a cornerstone in the investment of brain capital. By harnessing its capabilities, Finland can pave the way for a mentally healthier, cognitively sharper, and economically stronger future. A population with high brain capital is more productive, innovative, and contributes positively to the economy. By supporting mental health through the metaverse, Finland can enhance their collective brain capital.

Taking the initiative: For example, University of Oulu and Business Finland’s OneHealth program, which is part of the Health mission.

Metaverse Society

  Familiarizing ordinary citizens with metaverse. Educating general public on metaverse. Making metaverse access available for everyone in hubs, public libraries or other public places. Publishing metaverse related content in ordinary media. Arranging highly visible metaverse events for the public.

  Finland has the potential to become a leader in this field, with its strong education system, creative industries and gaming sector. This program aims to create understanding of the opportunities, foundations for the new skills and generations to use the Metaverse. It includes the whole educational system, public services, media, arts, entertainment, gaming and culture.

Taking the initiative: For example, the current Metaverse Strategy Smart City working group and Tampere University.

The Way to the Future

Be guided by vision and values.

  We want to create Metaverse, which is inclusive, accessible, ethical, and sustainable for everyone.

Foster structured cooperation.

  We can collaborate with companies across the value network both nationally and internationally to deliver immersive and virtual experiences to the end users.

Leverage our strengths.

  We have a unique position between the world’s superpowers, which makes us a trustworthy and impartial partner. We also have expertise in gaming, education, and design, which enables us to create engaging and innovative solutions.

Enhance education for the metaverse.

  We can provide high-quality education and training programs that equip our citizens with the skills and knowledge they need for the Metaverse. We can also use the Metaverse as a platform for learning and teaching, offering immersive and interactive experiences for students and teachers. We can also introduce the Metaverse and its hardware to students from an early age, encouraging them to explore, create, and collaborate in the virtual world.

Boost economic growth.

  We can support the transition to a low-carbon and circular economy, enhance the quality and efficiency of public services, and increase productivity and competitiveness through research and development.

Improve marketing and sales.   

  We have high-end technology, but we need to communicate better what we have done and why it is good. We can use storytelling, branding, and social media to showcase our achievements and attract more customers.

Advance metaverse research.

  We can invest in innovative research that develops new solutions and opportunities for the metaverse. We can also join forces with other countries and organizations and contribute to the global knowledge base of the Metaverse.


Technology Enablers

Business Networks

Industrial Metaverse

Metaverse Health

Metaverse Society