Metaverse Health:

The health and well-being of the citizens. As one of the pioneering countries of the digital transition, we have excellent opportunities for concepting new products/services for emerging needs.

  • Establish a regulatory framework and ethical guidelines for the use of metaverse technologies in health care, ensuring the safety, quality, and privacy of the services and data.

  • Develop a national metaverse health platform that enables interoperability, data sharing, and collaboration among different stakeholders in the health sector.

  • Analyze the Finnish Metaverse health sector and the most suitable use cases and business cases. 

  • Create a practically oriented strategy on how the Metaverse improves health care domestically and creates a new export industry for Finland.

  • Address how potential addictive and other harmful effects are mitigated in the Metaverse.

  • Take use of the new and tested diagnosis methods, planning methods and treatments which use the Metaverse technologies and artificial intelligence.

  • Create and support new innovations on Metaverse based well-being and healthcare.

  • Create new methods for remote medicine and support for geographically distributed teams of health professionals.

  • Use Team Finland global network to promote metaverse business opportunities.

  • Involve Business Finland’s Health mission and related programs for promoting the industry.

  • Provide secure and privacy-safe support tools to help employers reflect on the mental and physical health, and well-being of their organization

  • Use the metaverse to improve the health and well-being of people by offering them customized and interactive experiences that encourage healthy habits and lifestyles.

Metaverse Health Working Group

First steps/actions

Define the vision for how the Metaverse technologies can benefit stakeholders (patients and healthcare providers). 

Define technology development strategy, development, evaluation and implementation in health care.

Building of effective metaverse examples and models, testing and integrating.

Establishing a metaverse health ecosystem and joint projects within the ecosystem.

Knowledge sharing across healthcare providers.

Kristina Mikkonen

Kristina Mikkonen

Co-chair of Metaverse Health

Teemu Myllyla

Teemu Myllyla

Co-chair of Metaverse Health