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Technology Enablers:

  The development and innovation of all of the technological capabilities (chips and other hardware, operating systems, computing infrastructure, platforms, stores, solutions, services etc.) that are needed to provide the metaverse (immersive virtual world) experience and service and therefore enable developing new business. Focus on: infrastructure, hardware, platforms and enablers (e.g. security).

  • Collaborate globally to create a common open platform for the Metaverse.

  • Direct public RDI (research, development and innovation) funding for developing all of the technological capabilities that are needed to support metaverse business  (hardware, operating systems, platforms, interaction methods, stores, solutions, services, content etc.), early-stage trials and piloting both on national and EU level.

  • Set up European research consortia involving large companies and SMEs throughout the value chain, these would later become the basis for the European business cooperation (see: Business Networks).

  • Encourage international collaboration and standardization on regulatory, research, and business aspects of the metaverse.

  • Review the current and emerging standards for the metaverse and participate actively in the international standardization process to ensure that the metaverse is developed in an open and inclusive way, without any proprietary or restrictive elements from large global companies.

  • Develop R&D sandboxes and test environments for fast trials. Demonstration environment including both VR and MR features. “Suomi-Verse” that could be developed freely by “us” to meet the highest standards available to show what is possible.

  • Consider the ways in which different UI levels (text, voice, 2D/3D, XR) could be used to access services in the Metaverse. 

  • Leverage the power of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT to  build the Metaverse services.

  • Leverage the opportunities of future connectivity and edge computing to build the Metaverse infrastructure 

  • Initiate hackathons and challenge competitions to develop technology, use-cases, usability and access to metaverse.

  • Attract International R&D talent for the Metaverse development (XR, UI, optics, signal processing, graphics etc).

  • Create sales and marketing events in all three continents: North America, Europe and Asia for the Finnish Metaverse companies.

  • Start Metaverse dedicated media campaigns to support both export and Invest In Finland activities.

  • Use Team Finland global network and Invest In Finland network to identify Metaverse business opportunities and attract large global companies to relocate to Finland.

Technology Enablers Working Group


Coordinating the execution of technology enablers’ roadmap through co-innovation ecosystems to achieve global technology leadership in relation to

-Content and experiences


-Infrastructure and hardware


First steps/actions

1) Promoting Metaverse Standard Forum for industry collaboration,

2) driving co-innovation opportunities under metaverse ecosystems,

3) improving interoperability across metaverse platforms for commercialization


Ville-Veikko Mattila, Nokia

Ville-Veikko Mattila, Nokia

Chair of Technology Enablers WG